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Sleep Apnea Treatment Alternatives

Oral appliance therapy (OAT) is an effective first line treatment option for patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and also severe patients who are unable to tolerate CPAP or prefer an alternate therapy. At Superior Sleep and Wellness, our dentists provide custom-fabricated oral appliances for each individual patient—we are not a one size fits all office!
While most patients do not know that there is a simple and comfortable solution to treat sleep apnea, treating sleep apnea with an oral appliance is advantageous because it is a non-invasive method of treatment that is seamlessly incorporated into your current lifestyle. Oral appliances are comfortable, they do not disturb your bed partner, they are transportable, they can be cleaned and cared for easily, and they are convenient for travel.

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We offer custom appliances for a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep

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“After having been assessed for severe snoring, I was tested and found to have severe sleep apnea. Since I have been treated, my life has not been the same. My memory is significantly better, I wake up rested, and my quality of life has dramatically improved.”
- Bill Benton

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A quiet, peaceful night’s sleep is our mission.

“I just came from my cardiologist 3 weeks after receiving and wearing my Panthera oral appliance for treatment of my recently diagnosed sleep apnea. He was pleased to tell me my blood pressure had already dropped 30 points and that my A1C was coming down as well!”
- Joe Portale

“I used to fall asleep at meetings and would even sometimes nod off at stop lights. I never realized why I was so exhausted. A nurse friend once heard me snoring loudly at night and even gasping and told me I should go get checked for sleep apnea. I can’t express strongly enough how being treated for sleep apnea has improved my quality of life. My only regrets were that after 50 years of insomnia nobody had ever screened me in the medical setting for sleep apnea before. Having treatment changed my life.”
- Kathy D.

Are There Alternatives to CPAP Therapy?

Are There Alternatives to CPAP Therapy?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is considered the “Gold Standard” of treatment for patients with sleep apnea. But what happens if you are intolerant to CPAP or would prefer another treatment option? While CPAP may be the most...

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Effective Treatment

Due to the efficacy of oral appliance therapy (OAT) complemented by high compliance, OAT is often more effective than other treatment options for patients with sleep apnea. Compliance with treatment is crucial for it to be effective.


Better Sleep

Oral appliance therapy is a treatment option for snoring and sleep apnea that has patient comfort in mind—unobtrusive, comfortable, and quiet for a peaceful night’s rest.



Your oral appliance is easily portable, making travel or an afternoon nap much more convenient.


Open Airway

A custom-made oral appliance properly fitted by Superior Sleep and Wellness holds the lower jaw in a slightly forward position that prevents your airway from collapsing, while still providing you freedom to move while you sleep.


CPAP Alternative

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) lists oral appliance therapy as a first line of treatment for patients with mild to moderate OSA, as well as severe patients that cannot tolerate CPAP, and thus is a simple and comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy.


Financial Options

Superior Sleep and Wellness bills all medical insurances and provides multiple payment options for your convenience. Our goal is to minimize all out of pocket expenses to each patient, in order to mitigate cost being an obstacle to treatment.