Referring Patients

Superior Sleep and Wellness is a company that helps patients get appropriately screened, tested and treated for sleep apnea. In terms of treatment, we specialize in providing oral appliance therapy. If you believe your patients would benefit from our services, we would love to be of help in any way.

Please download, print, and fill out our referral form and give this to your patient to bring it with him/her to our office.  Or you may contact us by phone to arrange providing us this referral form.

What you can expect from our office:

  1. We follow AADSM protocol for treating sleep apnea and follow all national and state guidelines for treatment.
  2. We will always send multiple follow up letters regarding your patient’s treatment in order to keep you fully informed.
  3. We always use the highest quality of appliances. These appliances are custom-made to each individual patient. We are not a one size fits all office!
  4. We objectively confirm the results of oral appliance therapy through an efficacy home sleep test, which is read by a board certified sleep physician.
  5. We are committed to continuing education for sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy. The sleep industry is constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with current studies, standards, laws, guidelines and recommendations.
  6. We are not afraid to tell a patient that oral appliance therapy may not work for them based on our findings.
  7. We educate patients about supplemental treatment options such as bed wedges, sleep masks, diet and weight loss, nasal strips/cones, and proper sleep hygiene.
  8. We have staff members dedicated to walking each patient through the sleep treatment process hand-in-hand.
  9. We continue to see successful results through oral appliance therapy, while we also recognize that CPAP therapy is still the gold standard for the treatment of sleep apnea.

Dr. Frank Holecek, one of our owners and sleep dentists, loves to meet with physicians and their team to educate them on sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy, and how we can be a resource for you, your team, and your patients.

If you believe your office would benefit from this and would like to schedule a lunch and learn, please email Caroline at our office.

Lastly, if the patient has received a diagnostic sleep study, please fill out a prescription as well.