Women and Snoring

The combination of women and snoring is not uncommon. If you were asked to imagine a person who snored and then you had describe that person in detail, chances are you would describe a male who was overweight—the stereotype. Although those characteristics, being a male and being overweight, do increase the probability of snoring, snoring is common among all ages and genders. In the United States, approximately 90 million adults snore, many of them women.

Snoring is an anatomical problem; it is not gender specific. Unfortunately, the image of the stereotypical snorer often leaves women embarrassed or ashamed that they snore, which ultimately prevents them from being treated. Snoring is a condition that should be taken seriously, as it can be a sign of a more serious medical problem—namely sleep apnea.

The combination of women and snoring is quite prevalent and likely to result in suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, weight gain, daytime fatigue, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and other related health complications. The good news is, snoring is treatable and these health conditions can be prevented.

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